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World Class Assaultbike Training

Take your workouts to the next level - and then some. We’ve partnered with Fiit, the U.K’s #1 on-demand fitness app, to bring interactive AssaultBike workouts straight to your home.

Human-Powered Meets Trainer-Led

Train with the pros on the bike you love to hate. Fiit’s world-class trainers guide you through the toughest AssaultBike workouts and motivate you to continually push your limits.

Train Harder + Smarter

When we say “make every rep count” we mean it. With the Fiit Tracker + app, you can now accurately record, track and measure your performance on-and-off the AssaultBike. Workouts are automatically logged to your profile so you can monitor progress and share with friends.

Your Training, Your Way

Access elite-level programming wherever and whenever you train. Choose from a growing library of AssaultBike workouts that range in length, intensity, and focus area to find the perfect workout for you.

Bring the Competition Home

Connect + Compete with athletes from across the world - all from the comfort of your home. Join AssaultBike leaderboards and global fitness challenges to see how you stack up against the competition.

Fiit Instructors

Meet your Trainers

World-class instructors that keep you coming back for more.

Connect & Compete

Sit Down & Strap Up

All you have to do is get on the bike — we’ll do the rest. Fiit’s connected technology pairs with the AssaultBike console to give you real-time metrics like rep counts, target heart zones and calories burned.

Tracks Heart rate
Tracks Calories
Score Fiit points in cardio classes
Compete in live leaderboard classes
Counts your reps in Strength classes
Helps you perfect technique
Records your personal bests
Fanatical About Fiit

"I like how it is tracking my reps off the bike and saves me counting.... no hiding how sh*t my bike capacity is"


“Absolutely loving the workouts and incorporating them into my CrossFit Training. Very much addicted to them now. I would happily do two a day"

"Really good, the rep tracking is perfect. Going to have to go again as three reps off the top score!"

“My soul was left on that bike in round 3. Like OMG. I could barely breathe. A guy came up to me afterwards and asked me what program it was. So I think you have got yourself a new customer. But yes I did feel like a celebrity”

“The AssaultBike is going to take my fitness to a new level without doubt! No way I would have worked that hard in a gym! I’m too self conscious”

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