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About marcus filly

Marcus Filly founded Functional Bodybuilding in 2017 after appearing 6x at the CrossFit Games. He has over 20 years experience as a professional athlete and coach, and has been profiled in Men’s Health magazine, among other publications.

Persist training plan

Marcus Filly designed the Persist training plan to help you build muscle and fitness without wrecking your body. This program visibly shapes your body, gets you strong, and helps you leave burnout and injuries behind.

Holy grail of workouts

Spending hours on one single cardio modality isn't for everyone. That's why Marcus uses Assault Fitness for Interval Weight Training. This killer combination allows you to regularly change the stimulus and spread the workout across your entire body. Add the AssaultRunner, AssaultRower, or the AssaultBike to your workout routine to experience the results you're looking for.

About assault fitness

At Assault Fitness, we believe victories are earned and not given. We build leading fitness equipment designed to draw the elite athlete out of anyone. From air bikes, curved treadmills, and rowers, each piece is designed to maximize your training potential no matter what sport or fitness level you're at.

  • “I love those damn things… the AssaultRunner. It’s amazing.”

    Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience

  • "It is a great investment for my property. The assembly was super easy to follow."

    Hector T., Verified Buyer

  • "The air runner is smooth and a joy to run on in the comfort of our home."

    Diana B., Verified Buyer

  • "I hate treadmills but love this one."

    Joseph C., Verified Buyer