Exercise-induced Growth Hormone (EIGH)

What is EIGH?

Human growth hormone or HGH is a synergistic agent that contributes to the support and development of lean body mass, muscle recovery and the reduction of the oxidative stress that causes premature aging. Exercise induced growth hormone EIGH creates a phenomenon called Synergy or “afterburn”. Synergy is the process in which this powerful hormone attacks body fat post exercise.

Somatopause represents the decline of growth hormone production during aging, the two major dips occur; the first happens post puberty, the second and most significant occurs after age 30. This process involves body fat increases, diminished muscle tone, decreased HDL (good cholesterol), increased LDL (bad cholesterol) as well as an incremental loss of bone density (osteopenia).

Research has proven the release of Growth hormone (EIGH) during training episodes produce benefits that last hours after the exercise has occurred. Studies have shown the presence of HGH in the system of the tested athletes up to two hours post workout. Those benefits target adipose tissue (body fat) while promoting lean body mass. While there are many ways to induce the HGH effect during exercise, High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective way to release EIGH. This naturally occurring Growth hormone is often referred to as the “fitness hormone”.

It’s important to consider human growth hormone is naturally produced in healthy adolescences and adults exclusively during bouts of uninterrupted sleep and void of insulin. Exercise induced Growth hormone must be activated by exercise. High intensity interval anaerobic training can increase the production of EIGH 530% over resting baseline and 450% over conventional aerobic training.

HGH is released from the pituitary gland or “master gland” because it affects other hormones like a chain reaction. Exercise programming and nutrition should be in alignment with maximizing exercise induced growth hormone. Most nutritional guidelines that support the most effective environment for maximizing EIGH release, involve a 40-30-30 carbohydrate, protein, fat ratio. Insulin is the enemy of HGH. If insulin is present in the bloodstream you cannot produce growth hormone as it blocks the production of HGH. Therefore it is detrimental to consume foods with a hi-glycemic index (starch/sugar) before sleep.

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