How to Maintain the Assault AirBike for Years of Use

The Assault AirBike is a relatively low-maintenance machine, but, as with any high intensity workout device, sweat and wear can quickly pile up. It’s important to follow the simple guidelines below to ensure that your bike stays running at its best capacity.

To clean the bike, we recommend the use a damp rag with a small amount of mild detergent on it, such as Simple Green.

Daily Maintenance:

  • Clean bike frame and fan cover (sweat / dust / moisture)
  • Wipe dry sweat from seat post and tube
  • Remove sweat from exposed drive train parts
  • Clear chalk residue, sweat and dust from computer console
  • Clear chalk residue and sweat from handles
  • Check pull pins to make sure they are locked and secure
  • Walk around the bike visually inspecting the bike for missing or loose bolts

Weekly Maintenance:

  • “Pedal the bike test”- check for creaks and clunks, check for consistent RPM signal on the console
  • Tighten crank and bell crank bolts (36.6 foot x pounds or 50 newton x meters) (bi-weekly)
  • Check front linkage bearings for tightness (bi-weekly)
  • Check handlebar pivot nut for tightness

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Check chain for proper tension (bi-monthly)
  • Check pedals for tightness (torque down with pedal wrench as needed)

Quarterly Maintenance:

  • Check stabilizer bolts for tightness
  • Lubricate chain (every 2 months)
  • Check seat for tightness, stability and alignment
  • Replace console batteries


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