Training for MMA with Assault AirBike

The best fighter doesn’t always win the fight. The individual that wins the fight is the guy who fights the best on that given night. The single greatest factor in determining who fights the best may not reside in ones brawn, but rather their mind. As a former fighter and trainer, I know from firsthand experience that training for a fight is 90% physical and 10% mental, yet when you enter the octagon for a match, it becomes 90% mental and 10% physical because all of the physical preparation is done. Preparation is important and timing is everything. Assault fitness programming factors the spirit of competition into every meticulous step of its workout methodology.

Objective: To prepare the athlete to maintain optimum physical output for 5 minutes on, 1 minute off for three consecutive rounds. Athletes will be challenged to produce their best effort under extreme duress with a variety of functional movements and challenges for 5 minutes. After a 1 minute recovery period the athlete will be challenged to repeat the same sequence of movements at the same level of effort. There will be a total repetition count at the conclusion of each round. Coaches are looking for consistent rep counts for all three rounds. And an increased total repetition output every 4-6 weeks.

The goal is to increase or maintain the same pace and effort in the final round (3rd) as they did in the 1st round. We are maximizing athlete’s gains using principles of high intensity interval training HIIT. Movements are fully functional and to be performed at high intensity in five consecutive one minute circuits. Mental toughness is a valuable characteristic that an athlete must possess in becoming a fighter. This workout is designed to challenge the athletes mind, as well as their body.

The Workout:

Round 1
Thrusters #75/55
Jumping pull-ups
Power curls #75/55
AbMat sit-ups
Assault bike (1cal = 1 rep)
Rest 1 Minute (count total reps)

Round 2
Wall ball #20/16 (10ft target)
Jump rope S/U
SDHP #75/55
Burpee bent-over rows
Assault bike (1cal = 1 rep)
Rest 1 Minute (add to total reps)

Round 3
Box jumps #20/16
Push press #75/55
Russian twists #20/15
Assault Bike (1cal = 1 rep)

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