Official Partner of the UFC Performance Institute

Assault Fitness is proud to provide our elite machines to the most elite fighters at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. Contenders from across the world visit the PI where they can train on the Assault AirBike and AirRunner to prepare for their next fight.

A Day in the Life

Heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou gives us a glimpse into a day in the life of his training at the UFC Performance Institute.

High-Intensity, Low Impact

Did you know that 77% of UFC fights are won in 6-36 seconds of explosive effort? The Assault AirBike trains fighters for the high-intensity, energetic demands of the octagon. Key for recovery, the Assault AirBike also builds aerobic capacity and helps removes lactic acid from muscle groups more efficiently than other types of exercises.

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Maximum Energy Expenditure

The next best thing to running outside, the curved surface of the Assault AirRunner causes more energy expenditure than a flat, motorized treadmill. Training on the Assault AirRunner builds up endurance for those longer rounds in the ring.

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