How To Get a Great HIIT Workout with the AirBike

The basis of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is to give high-intensity effort for quick bursts followed by short periods of rest.

To get calorie-torching results on the AirBike, simply crank up the pace and push yourself for a 30-second sprint. Then cool down and pedal slowly for a 60-second recovery period before ramping up again for another intense sprint.

Exercising at around 80% of your maximum heart rate during the high intensity phases will deliver the best results. The AirBike makes it easy to stay in this range by constantly measuring your heart’s beats per minute.

A simple way to calculate your max heart rate is to subtract your age from 220. For example, if you’re 35 years old, reduce 220 by 35 to get 185. Now that you know your maximum heart rate is 185, you take 80% of that number (148) and try to stay around that level of beats per minute during your high intensity intervals.

By repeating the process of 30-second sprints and 60-second rest periods for 14 phases, you’ve now completed a kicka** 21-minute HIIT training session that burned a ton of calories and more importantly, will continue to burn calories (and fat) for the next 16 to 24 hours! So now you can lie on the couch confidently knowing that your body is doing the work for you!

Studies found that 20 minutes of HIIT can produce the same aerobic and anaerobic benefits as exercising for twice as long with steady, continuous effort. Plus, HIIT can boost your metabolism, endurance, and muscle growth!

We’ve teamed up with our resident trainer to put together over 150 workouts designed to torch calories, including plenty of options for HIIT training with the AirBike. Sign up today and receive weekly workout ideas so you can make the most of the burn!

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