Why The Experts at TRG Think Assault Fitness Is One of The Best
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Most days when testing treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowers, our team is hopping on an Assault Fitness machine. We spend a lot of time hand-selecting which fitness equipment is best for consumers based on our testing of several different brands and machines. Whenever we use an Assault Fitness machine, we’re impressed with the quality and durability. The AssaultRunner Pro, AssaultBike Pro X, and AssaultRower Elite have earned awards on our best manual treadmills, best rowers, and best air bike lists for 2024. 


The following is why we consider these machines among our top recommendations to most people. 

The Best Manual Treadmill of 2024 is the AssaultRunner Pro

Starting with their treadmills, the AssaultRunner Pro is our pick as the best manual treadmill. For the quality and price, not to mention the belt that’s good for 150,000 miles, the Pro is an excellent buy. 


The higher-curved deck and easy-moving belt make the AssaultRunner Pro our top recommendation for most people. Manual treadmills require you to move and control the pace of the belt, rather than keeping up with a set pace like motorized treadmills. Manual treadmills can take a little getting used to, but in our experience, the Pro’s belt is easier to move and get the hang of than other manual treadmills. 


Along with the belt, the AssaultRunner Pro has an incredibly durable design that we’ve seen in homes, garage gyms, and commercial gyms. If you want to get the most for your money while taking your training to the next level, we recommend checking out the AssaultRunner Pro. 

The Best Air Bike Overall For 2024 is the AssaultBike Pro X

At the top of our Best Air Bikes list is the AssaultBike Pro X. We were thrilled when Assault Fitness released the Pro X with the belt-drive system, last year. This heavy-duty air bike is what we love about AssaultBikes - it’s durable and powerful - now with a smoother and quieter design. 


Assault also nails it again with the price. The Pro X is commercial-grade, yet it doesn’t break the bank. Honing the brand’s motto of being “Athlete-powered”, the AssaultBike Pro X has us back in the saddle ready to be humbled time and time again by the unlimited air resistance of the fan. 


If you want a seriously intense workout, just hop on this air bike for 10 minutes - that’s all it takes!

The Most Comfortable Air Rower of 2024 is the AssaultRower Elite

We know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way you can be comfortable on a rowing machine.” The AssaultRower Elite isn’t only rugged, powerful, and durable, it’s comfortable too. From the well-padded and thought-fully contoured seat that locks when you’re ready to store this rower upright, to the wide and round handle that’s made for broad and narrow statures alike, Assault Fitness paid attention to the little details with the Elite. 


This premium, commercial-grade rower will handle the toughest of workouts, whether they’re in a commercial gym or home setting. The all-steel design makes the AssaultRower Elite a quality machine that’s worth your training and investment. You can read more in our Best Rowing Machines of 2024 article.

Bottom Line

One of the best things about manually-powered fitness equipment like manual treadmills, air bikes, and air rowers, is that they work for any fitness level because the user controls the intensity. Assault Fitness equipment lets you give it your all without worrying about their treadmills, bikes, or rowers not keeping up. 


We consider the AssaultRunner Pro, AssaultBike Pro X, and AssaultRower Elite to be the best from the brand, but you can’t go wrong with any machine from Assault Fitness.

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